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Gesundheit Sarnatzky Fatigue 


Gag Gerard Sarnat with tarnished silver spoon so boring to

you all now… how our kids got/ get along with each other

…juco, university education maybe nada? … just jobs vs

satisfying careers? partners, or not?  family?... affairs? 

separation?  divorce? …custody trips to Disney World… 

peruse Robin Hood picture books unless lazy…jackknife, 

piggy bank gifts…pet Vietnamese pot-bellies squeezed by 

boa constrictors…rugby…telescope gazing… transcendence

…service…creativity…vanity…relationships (and of course 

their spouses’) to alcohol/ drugs, too much-little moolah… 

lavish dwelling$, cutlery, fanciest cars…plus to nephews…

ditto among six grandchildren-boychicks as well as sons/ 

daughter-in-law on ‘n on ‘n on ‘n…carping sorta kvelling

which still endlessly fascinates me -- rarely even my wife.  

Still Ever-Expanding Territory of So Cal Sarnatskyville X-Rated Ex-Shtetl


Beatific Betsy Butterfly, Benjamin Blaze 

Sarnat blowsy yellow daffodils, green miner’s 

lettuce or thorny boysenberry jamboree brambles;

trio seemingly unaware that sitting on logs, we listened.


Right next door, our corralled not-so-thoroughbred 

horses, including itchy mares Mabel and Ginger,

kept rolling in muddy mix of dust plus lichen moss


before they all tobogganed toward Stromboli Gate,

through olden-times Elf Village into their novel Fairyland

where some kids pretended to find Paul Bunyonesque


Tyrannosaurus Rex dagger-sized teeth well’s Pterodactyl 

feathers among real turkey vulture pickings left over from 

red tail hawk/ coal-black raven feasting. This balmy afternoon


continues with skateboards then bikes down dare-devilish

hilly gravel driveway to attempt side-saddle-relay-race-thrill-

a minute-now-ever-widening asphalt cul-de-sac rodeo gyres


which my omniscient fifteen-old winking grandson, referentially but bit jokingly, 

enlightens his lively bro/ four first cousin-boychicks, It’s called Sandy Lego! CAUTION:

Coachie’s classic car-chocked his/her garage opens up plethora convertible command


performances as new bold Porsche Boxster bra approaches cute old toot-toot Fiat clasp’s last-gasp. 




, slime-settled Sally Salamander sang

for fine friendly forest fiddles, flutes, flugelhorns



Davening* Self-Guided Meditation


After absorbing message

of Command Option,

step away from keyboard.





Prayerful hands clasped 

as steeple, spaceship 

blasts well past quotidian


concerns --but only when

you have cleared 

decks of just-surfacing


issues, how Dad could

not comfort Mom,

which sad role model 


their firstborn inherited

plus has now spent 

last over half-century


attempting to get beyond

with my own wife 

well as nine grand/ kids.


Look at beatific photo

of parents hanging

on office wall above










favorite Edward Hopper

painting represents

bad years of Depression

Holocaust, World War II;

I entered this world

11 days post conflict’s end.


Somewhere Gesundheit

Sarnatsky [Gerard

Sarnat] learned a lesson:


Forgiveness/ freedom 

are the exact 

same word in Arabic.


New insight old memory

feels an act

of personal kindness.


Ten fingers released 

from 🙏

down below to cup 


both balls no longer 

seem to 

dominate all actions.


Our long conjugal bed

appears before

me although suddenly 


only single body’s left:

it’s unclear 

who is missing…….


Fast scan passed times


business with family


well as friends done,

what will life 

be like whilst gone?


Teeth tingle, arms bear

stigmata that

remind son of his father. 



Partner running vacuum

cleaner upstairs

startles enough to open 


eyeballs to too early 

Spring’s Japanese 

maples’ blazing fractals.




So, Gerry, seize today!

Ask yourself,

What do loved ones


need or want from you?

And what more 

should I seek from others?


And then what expanded

universes could

patriarch offer to himself?


This morning’s exquisite

miniature among

pillars of human minions


approaching finish, bathed 

amidst blue sky,

joy joining youngest daughter


plus boychick toddlers soon

as re-emerge 

to bake challah for tonight’s


Fridays-if-in-town Shabbes

we celebrate together;

thusly still suspended, amen.


*Yiddish for bowing in prayer


Origin Story: Cradling Afghan’s True Root Source?


Caustic # 2 grandmother 

(who wasn’t the one I liked

much), partially because she airily 


insisted on being addressed, 

Grandma, plus Ger giving her big fat 

kisses despite such a bad case of halitosis


nevertheless, knit beautiful

many-colored crocheted woolen

blankets, three of which to this day 


cover backs of a chair, couch

and reluctantly serve as our baby blue, 

maroon, pink, gray, black, cream bedspread 


oy, though my loyal wife still disses 

Florence even more than I do: this early autumn 

chilly morning, start of Rosh Hashanah’s New Year 


we now stay in bed wondering 

how exactly these seemingly unique 

quilts got their names for comforters


crafted well as used by Ashkenazi 

Jews -- certainly not from anywhere

near current “stans” -- that led to Google


searches make it clear Hebrews,

of course, had lived there 2700 years 

ago in what was then called Khorasan   


after First Temple’s destruction 

during hateful so-called Babylonian exile

from Jerusalem, presumably Joseph’s home.


Carpet trader/ caretaker of Kabul’s

only synagogue, Zablon Simintov, born 

in 1959, appears to be Afghanistan’s last… 



RIP RBG haiku


First chill of season

blew Rosh Hashanah dinner

before we knew why.

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