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past is parasite & prologue


fragments to make sense//by jon-alexander genson

please select one of the following:

  1. away we go

  2. where did you go


par· a· site: the quality of being friendly and lively; friendliness

absorbent, the unrecognizable, generated by decaying 

matter in marshes. 




oscillates as part of the larger gallery of grotesques; repetitive variation, overshadowed, 

typical of time, of some measure about those who have no memory [a central value] o

between the awake experience or 

the flush faced crazed pulse—different states, or

 vibration is precisely deciding to be scared And

grim mechanical inflexibility […]

by remembrance 


the alternating current a happier life than mine. 

swinging [what am i doing] I am going to die one day.

remember laughing at the dark

Or, Mostly Thinking:


interactions vex with the great worsening, horrendous insecurities

i am going to die one day [contemporary] what is it

pain, sickness; terror, bloodcurdling [.


horrendous insecurity: disjointed growth, a poisonous-para

site of the brilliant pain of inspiration And a dangerous method

of humor at some point I began writing stories about

Vicarious […] Adventures

vicious… [Suffocating] ...undertow

a comforting line under the door that follows from [and is often absence of objection rather than genuine approval] one already proved [of a hope] sincere but unlikely to be fulfilled a stiff-bitch troublemaker and her recalcitrant friend


of an atmosphere or event; toleration

she was relaxed […] only here on sufferance mnemonic 

proles prattle on ‘n’ on

and the cocktail party trends too

[…] curriculum vitae when some bleed & others bloom

a person a pattern of letters ideas associations Assists in

remembering something


Can I come too.

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