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How We See


gay-dar, gay-dar, gay-dar like sonic, homo-beings

seeing each other for the first time, hope educates

in the dark, at the park, on the streets, between plaid sheets

to the beat, where we eat, at the bars, beneath spilled stars

in the clubs, among green shrubs, inside shade, twilight’s fade

dancing disco, San Francisco, come play, find the way

to L.A., plan, scan, and stay, get that job, join the mob

scene, dream a clean sweep, take the leap and meet the person

we mean to be, become your own manly, womanly

self off the shelf, we can choose nothing to lose come cruise

take some time your climb is the sublime prime and then let

senses, senses, senses locate: All of creation

knows the heart from its start finally settles the search




The she is he now

her is him

and I am

mostly they

by nature 

we are still

you and me


ever the same

as change

can fluid

like streams


to become oceans

and humans


to evolve.

His is theirs now

and mine is ours

but all of us

we embrace

a future

free of nouns

or subordinate


the need

to dominate

or have power.

One simply wants

to grow


and full of life


as verb

never asks

for a gender

and besides

who are you


but your truest


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