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Homocaust Vagabond


step into this body of peace 

an isle of exile addicted to violence

do not relinquish Homocaust consciousness

but do assuage me in this fag divination

a pilgrim defined in this cage

of a Homocaust pogrom

un blessing’d by the non gods in this cosmological bag

defenselessly against my poetic vertigo 

and babel on route to a new communal order of equals 

for un queer steps no longer labor 

in poetics’ sacred network 

word martyrs at the escritoire

allay poetry steps assembled in the margins 

unamalgamated contemptuous contagions

pilgrim’d in each pink step

for pilgrimage is not in one place

it is an invitation to errant steps 

tender’d performances 

in this odor of vagabonds

alien strangers gather as pilgrims

on these lands of banishment 

this rainbow harpy’s steps 

keeping my charities of perversity 

vulnerable to my vestment

this process of mine

die endlosung der judanfrage

as my faggotry performed obscurity

amazes the ripening pods 

that bang buoyant

carrying the seed spit 

considerable distances 

to my expulsion 

of steps written

on this paper 

tiger’s moral geography 

intersecting  morality’s space 

and powers 

within both human and nonhuman ahimsa’s

comingling the material 

of symbolic dimensions



Homocaust Terminus Register


Homocaust’s unfolding gravel dunes

at war 

in constant flux

attaining consistency 

in porous boundaries

defining disparities 

aimed to arbitrate political thinking 

nuanced towards shaded difference

this terminus register 

of cantor articulation song ruminates 

on a history of my persecution

wars and sexuality 

exploring the line of conflict between

historic tragic brutality and the poetic act

for poetry does not come out looking good

an inadequate act 

following atrocities 

for how to go on living 

after Holocaust 

but in these Homocaust writings

as steps towards clarity

skipping with the reaper

scribes poesy

and can these poetic screams after horror 

transcend mass extermination

for the purpose of my healing 

or stepping into purpose of a cure’d world

meditating in phrontistery steps

questioning poetry’s job 



Homocaust Avalanche Pedestal


I am an islet in Europe 

or maybe in a sacred cow 

while envisioning flying peacocks 

with galloping antelope

and drum charging oxen 

while lifting the drum 

at the avalanche pedestal

in the shadow of the Beats 

pilgrimaging India’s Samsara’s

and if writers are whores 

I am a rhythmic complication

I am suburbia’s Walt Whitman optimist 

claiming the world I want to enter

a stranger to myself 

as a liquescent sift 

greased on counterfeit disposition

for I am not a clock 

but intricate hopscotch

even if this queer sits at a blank page 

it doesn’t mean words suit this cosmogony

poems inhabited by spirits’ ash heaps

and colorful word victims 

more present than the living word


are ugly whores 

I teach 

that dispute history 

in the inadequacies 

of this world

am I a citadel

liberated through 

the James Baldwin house

my own narrative 

the drink of nightmares facing east west

creating language illusions

a map plowing divergent semantic turfs

words step 

in symptomatic interchanges

a valediction to understanding 

that soaks the creeping figs 

that resemble vaginas 

or is it kidneys 

a goliath whose breakers 

are steps 

in this labyrinth 

even the freeway has memory

under poetry’s frowns

where the kilometers end

and there is a study of schedules 

in my torn jeans

the land under my step 

forever seem queer

underneath my suburban rainbow heels 




Homocaust Pilgrim Itinerarium 


I never wanted a home 

nor a Lotus Sutra     

I am not a lotus eater    

I’m a rapture of rainbow assassins

the loss of formalism     

I am a complex ask  of fantast’s accretion 

floating in language soundfacts    

a home is a place to hang history

a privilege that is created 

by language illusions

I am a pilgrim palmated and spread 

an intourist in the Derrida rings 

where Orpheus sings no more he writes

yes let's celebrate the contributions 

of brutal genocidal landgrabs     

and chewing Earth’s cartilage’s poetic possessions 

of non myopic terrains where adjectives are foreigners 

and poetic biology hangs from the gallows 

of this writing table 

pneuma’s nimbus is where I concoct the protocols of clarity 

and whose interests I serve 

and who’s wounded at which table I write

and where no dogma lives loudly     

for this is not a complaint 

it’s a poem

for it is at the womb 

where the rape started at my birth 

the sacred geography defornicated

I am god’s gunt 

I am a burnt stick pilgrim wounded at which table I write 

with Jews in the Danube

a witness to the debris of mourning faggotry 

deploying bouquets of mirrors as witnesses 

shown in exhausted eye bags like restocked greedy testicles

embuggerance me and return me to the dung 

like a dog to vomit 

a battle ground of intestines 

exhausting this burning stick a rainbow refugee

of rainbow assassin fumigators

god’s gunt gash reject in a Georges Bataille compost 

Lazurustingly adrift in the Jain burial sky 

surviving on Parle G crackers and oranges with seeds 

walking with peacocks’ monkeys leaping with gazelles

and Audre Lorde excrement’s democracies 

defining this wood stick faggot 


can we raise a sun soaked yam possibilities

atavistics’ pilgrim crisscrossed vertiginously

at disillusioned borders  

uprooting occupied worldless wordless soilless vagabonds 

and delinquent tramps misprision me unnatural 

in inertia’s secrecy weave gambles 

and texture me the weave to entwine me no margins     

poetics necessity to mitigate suffering

for poetry is not innocent     

it is guilty     

a confederacy 

and should admit itself so     

this poesy is nothing more than a reaction     

a prerequisite for denial mitigating my suffering

turbulent poetics’ itinerarium      

a coexistence of multiple others 

gold bar azeotropes’ roaches in the mad state

refracted in a poetic realm hemorrhaging me 

and oystering me onto the open road     

and if you can make up religion 

I can make up poems     

conquesting heredities’ intolerant atrocities

clotting thought that refuses my mot juste

unfurling shock into the marginal sassafras’ den 

of this Lucretia

heretic lesions landed on my ulcers as a uranist

lagoon’d of my symbolic freight

fitting my Homocaust sound suit 

isolated and incensed in my poetic cum

where I am an exhausted burnt stick queer pilgrim faggot performing collected traumas

hanging from the baked oven gallows 

of my errant poesy



Homocaust: The Fag Gatherer


Sati pyre phakelos yomiagne yells  

in all the light we cannot see 

gather thee faggots and up wing’d achene’s unsolfege’d 

fire bush exiled in stuprum’s botany at birth’s dirge 

I face the faggots I gathered numb as angels’ rejection deployed    

a blue print here for a disintegrates’ coffin box     

poetics’ hegemonic refusal resignifiable 

Allen Ginsberg up in flames

tie written poesy fag’d pages onto my body and corpse me poetic up in flames into Ronald Reagan death pits

where James Baldwin is Martin Luther Queen’s comic eunuch

and where Walt Whitman and James Baldwin marry 

testicles in hand 

gray birch colonize disturbingly harsh 

and abundantly abandoned in confused far inferior interior spaces 

and not rendered more attractive but decaying quickly as fuelwood 

aged dull and chalky white in my terminal rhetorics 

scarecrow Mathew Shepard’s wild red cherry sati post

his sweet anus was loved and was divine 

burned hallowed and abandoned on Stonewall’d lands 

with his pale breathing  a peculiar odor as he chokes on smoke 

and had choked on dicks     

a Homocaust exhausting a burning stick

terminal and arrayed on fence posts

a slumped scarecrow banquet for turkey vultures 

picking his ripe fruit

my rectum a paper tiger of sweet honey locust and Ganesha     

a hardy and scattered traveler     

a reader removed of obstacles 

I am fagwood knotty kindled character 

seeing a Jain sky burial vulture cloud in Gwalior

sugar maple burn sweet cum syrup 

of samaras’ samsara

striped thriving in the blaze blazes subcanopy      

spreading like wildfire cliché with a dense understory 

the metanarrative distinguished as large goose step stomps 

repeopled invasively interlacingly spiraling 

as I choke on its islands of infestation 

groomed for the gasses 

as ravines of disparities 

dense foliage unravels into faggot fuelwood  

clefts between lobes 

are shallow sharp angled arcane cleft’d in the brims

of serrated sensibility and possibilities are extinguished    

as a necromancer and occultist’s 

carbon dioxide water vapor oxygen nitrogen 

wing’d achene smoke clusters 

on long stalks ripening in May 

or early June as seeds diverge 

under the fire angels 

and maenads with bite teeth in the Stonewall’s shade 

embrace from the upper limbs of rainbow’s Reich     

deeply cut clefts between coarse tooth’d lobes 

a rank odor from crushed twig wing’d fruit 

an angel in America

up in flames

a blueprint for burning faggots     

time for poetics 

as flints tool kit for heretics  

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