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As I sat for meditation, the portal of light opened, and I lost myself in the silence of my mind.

Gently opening my eyes, I stepped into the painting—a scene—a moment in distant time of childhood innocence, walking the fields in the mist as the sun rose. 


Being pulled deeper into the painting, I began my travel to a time where childhood laughter and play were all there was.A place where the paths moving through the fields and apple orchards led to the cool alcove of the waterfall feeding the river nurturing the land. A time of family gatherings and celebrations…


Walking through a pair of old wooden doors, stepping onto the smooth, cool adobe of the old woman’s cottage.  Aroma of fresh baked bread –yard filed with wild colorful flowers, and the sound of water splashing against the rocks in the creek running behind her home.


Memory of a child who was loved, who played, who laughed and was cared for by all who were around.


Each painting I create is a portal for me to tap into my memories and experiences—of this life or another I lived. My goal is to encourage the viewers’ imagination and transform the moment, as they view my art to one that is beyond this world—feeding their own imagination and creating their own stories. 

Della Toscana-of tuscany-24X24-1200.jpg

Della Toscana


Allowing colors to flow freely into each other, creating new tones, shapes and forms—combined with my memories and experiences, each painting becomes a portal, transporting me to a familiar place, a moment in time, an emotion or experience.


Representing the undercurrent of what seems to be visible, my paintings are about a world beyond—inner and outer. Currents of energy in colors and light, flowing, dancing, melting and blending into each other creating a scene that is fantastic and infinite.


In Bliss, As the world of dream opens, colors flash, making visible the portal to a world that seems to be beyond reach—lifting the veil of darkness, giving way to the light. Weightless, floating beyond the density of the physical world, soaring through the mist, in quiet of the dawn, I arrive to the realm where gods playfully begin to paint the day with infinite strokes of joy & Bliss.

Aazam Irilian-Illusion-40X40-3200.jpeg

Beyond the Veil


I stand in the midst of

All that is light,

All that is calm,

All that is quiet.


With a cracking sound,

A window,

A portal, 

Breaks open.


Veils of color,

Appear in layers of shimmering lights,

Flashes with reflective edges.

Stepping beyond the veils,

I find myself,

In worlds, intriguing and vast,

Each more astonishing than the next—

Than the one prior.


Tears of joy,

Gently stroke my skin,

Witnessing unimaginable beauty,

Invisible to my physical eyes. 

Being an artist is pouring one's soul onto the canvas, carving it into a stone or molding it into clay. It is being able to free the mind to create beauty, to create mysteries and, to create long-lasting emotion and passion for the viewer.

My paintings are created through combining minerals solution, acrylic, fabric dyes and oil on canvas. Using layers of one or all mediums, I create texture and depth within the space. This results in crystal formation on the canvas, leading to a sense of fluidity and translucency on the surface, complemented by unique textures, organic lines to create movement and form.

I am inspired by nature, where I am pulled into experiencing every curve, movement, texture, and fragrance by being present in any given moment. I paint intuitively, capturing the essence of light and positive energy of my experiences. In the process, I explore unlimited options that present themselves and a variety of elements from nature become prominent in my work. I do not paint the actual objects but my experience of the space and the undercurrent and core of what seems to be visible.

I create from the heart. Through my art I intent to touch the hearts and souls of my viewers, to bring them joy, lift their spirit and transcend the moment to one beyond this world.

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